Thursday, 22 October 2009

Inspiration and ideas

Allsaints Top

From one on one tutorials and talks with lecturers i have concluded that my theme for my fashion project is goin to have a gothic feel with balcks and whites. My inspiratio will come from imagery off Black lace from the vicorian era and women in morning as insperation. i have allso found some tshit designs on allsaits that i have found very inspiring as it is visually the kind of deisign and composition i am trying to create.
At the minute i am try to get as much drawing done as possible so that i have enuogh imagery to work with when i start my development tomoro. My drawings are manly of flowers and lace with some tattoo inspired designs. i will take some photos and post them on here for you to see how i am doin and please feel free to comment. suggestions and constructive critisism welcome.