Sunday, 29 November 2009

My Bay!

This was what my bay looked like at uni, but i have now currently takein everything down so that i can document all my findings in my sketchbook and start to mound and present my work ready for fri!!.. Its getting near to deadline time... wish me look! =) x


Today me and a friend Visited the Designers Market in Middlesborough. It was Fantastic! there were lots of hand made one off pieces and i even bought myself two handmade clutch bags that had been recycled from leather coats and other leather items. I am loveing the whole recycle idea! And the quality of the bags were fab!.... definatly worth the money. From all the one off items and great ideas that i saw today at the designers market i am definatly feeling extremely inspired! i have GOT to start writing down my thoughts and ideas, and then i can start experiment with them after i have handed in my minor project on friday. I can't wait! =) xXx


Selling my buttons at the knitting and stiching show in harrogate last week was a success!!... 23 tags with 6 buttons attached on each tag were made and 5 came back! which ment i had sold 18! i was over the moon =)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Knitting & Stitching

Buttons to sell at the knitting & Stching show in harrogate. I have design the tags that the buttonshave been attached to.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Inspiration and ideas

Allsaints Top

From one on one tutorials and talks with lecturers i have concluded that my theme for my fashion project is goin to have a gothic feel with balcks and whites. My inspiratio will come from imagery off Black lace from the vicorian era and women in morning as insperation. i have allso found some tshit designs on allsaits that i have found very inspiring as it is visually the kind of deisign and composition i am trying to create.
At the minute i am try to get as much drawing done as possible so that i have enuogh imagery to work with when i start my development tomoro. My drawings are manly of flowers and lace with some tattoo inspired designs. i will take some photos and post them on here for you to see how i am doin and please feel free to comment. suggestions and constructive critisism welcome.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Has an idea!!!...

Floral tattoos mixed with butterflys and dragon flys... hmmmm?? ... or shud i just stick to messing around with different scales of flowers?? that could be boring. Decisions Decisions! Well i Better make one quick!.. because I have to write my own brief ASAP! To many ideas! uurrrhhh! xXx

The Beginning of the end

I am in My last year of my Degree now and currently studying textiles and Surface Design. At the moment i am in the process of startin my minor project which is based on florals and insects. allthough i am not sure if im goin to continue with the insect idea as i might just concentrate on florals and scale. Setting that aside i have jus started to draw flowers at the moment and will put sum pictures up once i figure out how to use this thing. I will update soon Toodle Pip! xDawnx