Sunday, 29 November 2009

My Bay!

This was what my bay looked like at uni, but i have now currently takein everything down so that i can document all my findings in my sketchbook and start to mound and present my work ready for fri!!.. Its getting near to deadline time... wish me look! =) x


Today me and a friend Visited the Designers Market in Middlesborough. It was Fantastic! there were lots of hand made one off pieces and i even bought myself two handmade clutch bags that had been recycled from leather coats and other leather items. I am loveing the whole recycle idea! And the quality of the bags were fab!.... definatly worth the money. From all the one off items and great ideas that i saw today at the designers market i am definatly feeling extremely inspired! i have GOT to start writing down my thoughts and ideas, and then i can start experiment with them after i have handed in my minor project on friday. I can't wait! =) xXx


Selling my buttons at the knitting and stiching show in harrogate last week was a success!!... 23 tags with 6 buttons attached on each tag were made and 5 came back! which ment i had sold 18! i was over the moon =)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Knitting & Stitching

Buttons to sell at the knitting & Stching show in harrogate. I have design the tags that the buttonshave been attached to.